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Heritage places in Ballia

Heritage places in Ballia

Shahid Smarak
Constructed in the memory of freedom fighters who devoted their lives for India’s independence and made Ballia free for 14 days in 1942.

Religious places in Ballia

Bhrigu Mandir
At Bhrigu Mandir, the famous Dadri fair (mela) is held in the memory of Dardar Muni, disciple of Bhrigu muni, on the occasion of Kartik Purnima every year.

Water Gateways in Ballia

Surha Taal
Surha Taal is one of the most important lakes in the city which covers a large area. In the deeper parts of the lake, large quantities of weed siwar are grown. The water of this taal is drained or filled by the Katihar, a small town in Bihar, which connects it with the Ganga.

Picnic in Ballia(2)

Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden in Ballia shows a wide range collection of herbs, shrubs, trees and many other ornamental plants. The collection of these plants and trees are well taken care of by the government officials at botanical garden.
Dadri Fair or Dadri Mela
Dadri fair is one of the second largest fairs of India. The fair site is located at a distance of about 3 km from bus stand of Ballia city. The fair is held here annually starting from Kartik Purnima (October-November) in the honour of Dadar Muni, the disciple of Rishi Bhrigu. It is believed that he brought the River Saryu up to Ballia on the order of his Guru. This event is celebrated over a period of one month with lots of celebrations. The fair is organized in two phases. During the first phase a cattle fair is organized at Nandigram which starts 10 days before the Kartik Purnima. And later on the day of Kartik Purnima, Meena Bazaar having shops of different items, with many amusement facilities & various cultural programs are organized which last for one month.


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