Thursday, June 23, 2016

Please help them if anyone has humanity and power …

I got a massage from Ajita Pandey, want some help...

Sir, myself Ajita Pandey resident of Japlinganj, Ballia. Sir, on 19th June some 15-20 antisocial persons forcefully entered in my residential house misbehaved, abused and threatened me to vacate my house within 2 days otherwise they will forcefully throw my belongings. Pl do needful and save the life of my family who are very much afraid. They came with Bollero number UP 60X 4001 and some motor bykes. Pl do needful and request you with folded hands to take initiative in such an urgency pl. Sir, further we came to know that they are man & people of one property dealer namely Karimulla Kabadi of Ballia.

Pl help my family at Ballia who are very much afraid. Sir, the OC Japlinganj is not taking any serious action against the group, who are forcefully entering in my house in day light and his opinion advising us to leave and vacate our own house. By encouraging from his inaction, the group of Karimulla Kabadi today on 21st June also came to our house and forcefully broken the lock of 5th floor and put their lock, inside which our day to day belongings and study books of our children are there. Sir, it is fact that we can not continue in our own house without the help of police althogh status quo order has been passed by the civil court. But, those gunda type antisocial people are not having respect and regards of court order and  voilating the court order.

Sir we are helpless and unable to understand what to do, pl help us and advise us what to do. Sir, no male member of our family except me with small kids are now present here. Today on 23rd June also they came to our residence at about 4 pm, abused us in vulgar language and shifted some of my belongings and households. We informed to IC/Japlinganj, Ballia, but no action from his side rather he is forcing us to leave our own house. Sir, we are very much afraid. Kindly request you with folded hands to help us and restore peaceful environments.

Please help them if anyone has humanity and power …

Friday, June 3, 2016


...पापा मुझे छोड़ने स्टेशन आया न करो ,
..आँसू छिपाते हो फेर कर नज़रे,
..इतना फीका मुस्कुराया न करो ..पापा मुझे छोड़ने आया न करो
... हिदायत से घर भर की लाइट्स बुझाते ,
... सोच कर भी न कितने सामान खरीदते ,
...गाड़ी का माइलेज चेक करते रहते ,
...मेरे हाथ में ए टी एम थमाया न करो ... पापा मुझे छोड़ने स्टेशन आया न करो ।
...पानी की बॉटल रखी या नही,
...टिकट कही भूली तो नही ,
...पर्स में खुले पैसे रखे या नही
..इतना नम प्यार जताया न करो ....पापा मुझे छोड़ने आया न करो ।
सीट के नीचे बैग जमाते ,
ध्यान रखना अकेली जा रही,
साथ की किसी महिला को बताते,
पल पल इतनी चिंता जताया न करो ...पापा मुझे छोड़ने आया न करो ।
पहुँचते ही कर देना फोन ,
अब कब होगा आना फिर तुम्हारा ,
रग रग कर देते हो तन्हा ,
उदासी से सर पर हाथ फिराया न करो ..आप स्टेशन आया न करो ।
मैं खामोश रीती हो जाती ,
जी भर ऐसे गले लगाया न करो ,
दूर तक देखती रह जाती हूँ बिखर कर,
ग़मगीन खड़े यू हाथ हिलाया न करो ,.. .....आप स्टेशन आया न करो ।
चप्पा चप्पा कर देते हो वीरान ,
रुन्धा गला बातो में छिपाया न करो,
मेरा आगा पीछा सोच सोच ,
अपना कलेजा दुखाया न करो,...... मुझे छोड़ने स्टेशन आया न करो ।
फ़ोन पे बात न सूझती आपको,
लो अपनी माँ से बात करो ,
बाद में पूछते उनसे ब्यौरा सारा ,
हमारे नाम पाई पाई के कागज़ बनवाया न करो.... आप स्टेशन आया न करो ।